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It all started way back when...

Whether he delivered it, sold it, fixed it or built it, Clint Weyer, the craftsman behind CW Woodworking, has been involved with furniture for as long as he can remember.  When you grow up in your family's furniture store, furniture is bound to become a big part of your life.  

In 2015, Clint decided to expand his hobby of building small projects requested by family and friends into a business that offers solid wood furniture pieces (dining tables, sofa tables, entertainment centers, headboards and more!) and small home accents.  All of the solid wood products are hand-crafted at Clint's home in Ferdinand, IN.  He keeps his band saw busy by carefully sawing the ever-popular letters, arrows and gears,  giving each accent its own rustic touch.  Clint enjoys adding his special touch to custom projects.  When he's not building furniture, he enjoys taking his wife out for sushi,  beating his 12 year old son in basketball and showing his 8 year old daughter how to paint letters.